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Webcor's Rebuilding Day Program - April 28, 2007

The Bair Island Aquatic Center (BIAC) was selected on 2/15/07 as Webcor's 2007 recipient of their annual Rebuilding Day (formerly Christmas in April) to be held on April 28th. This means that on April 28, 2007 several hundred volunteers descended upon BIAC for the day to work their magic after a few intense weeks of planning and preparation. This page links to many others detailing the planning and delivery of a miracle for BIAC.

Executive Plan Presentation

Before, During, and After Photos

Webcor, the largest General Contractor in the Bay Area, believes that one of the fundamental obligations of a successful company is to contribute in a significant way to the community.  Webcor works hard to make a difference in our community by donating their time and talents to a wide variety of non-profit organizations.  Each year in April, Webcor sponsors a Rebuilding Day where they repair and upgrade a local community organization. 

BIAC leaders worked closely with Webcor and Redwood City to plan our big day.  Everyone at BIAC was needed to help clear and prepare our site in advance so that Webcor could do their best work.  BIAC is very grateful for this opportunity to give our docks, boat house, parking lot, and boat yard a facelift and meaningful upgrade that will benefit all of our programs and long term safety.
BIAC heartily thanks all of Webcor and their fabulous contractors and affiliates.

Rebuilding Status and Logistics Plan

May 2007 - Refurnishing Plan

Our current site and boathouse layouts:

Plan and Team:
Our Rebuilding Day plan and BIAC leaders:

  • Boathouse Maintenance (repair, storage recovery)
    BIAC lead: Peter Allen (Rebuilding Program Manager and Webmaster too)
    This is a challenging project due to our Tidal Plain location, Utility upgrades, handicap access, and planning requirements with Redwood City. Find detailed plans here.
  • City Permits and Planning
    BIAC leads: Luis Yanez and Jeff Birdwell
    Here is BIAC's current Use Permit.
  • Lease and Rebuilding Together Relations
    BIAC leads: Fiona Ashley, Jeff Birdwell
  • Volunteer Coordinators (BIAC preparation)
    BIAC leads: Erik Pearson, Nora Cain
    eMail: "Volunteer at GoBair dot org"

This incredible gift is brought to you by Webcor and the BIAC Future Foundation. If you have questions, comments, or contributions, please send them to "Secretary at GoBair dot org".

Bair Island Aquatic Center 2007 - "Info at GoBair dot org"