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The BIAC Future Foundation

The mission of the BIAC Future Foundation is to secure a permanent home for aquatic enthusiasts circa the Port of Redwood City. This powerful team of leaders has expertise in community relations, real estate development, finance, executive and program management, boathouse operations, and fund raising.

BIAC has over seven years of success in running a safe and financially buoyant aquatic center that appeals to:

  • Adults seeking recreational and competitive paddling or rowing programs.
  • Juniors seeking a supreme athletic experience with fabulous coaches.
  • Community programs for ecotourism and the restoration of Bair Island.
  • Access to and environmentally mitigating use of the waters of the Port of RWC.

BIAC officially began in 1999 with about 100 members and a few dozen assorted rowing shells. Today we have an active membership of over 300 with over 150 rowing and paddling shells on site. We currently lease our land and have several future options:

  1. Purchase our current and perhaps some adjacent lots from our noble landlord.
  2. Cooperate with other clubs and build a boathouse scheduled for Westpoint Marina.
  3. Acquire prime real estate and develop a state of the art aquatic center.

If you have interest in the teamwork required to find, fund, and build our future, please contact "Secretary at GoBair dot org". We welcome inquiries from organizations and individuals who share our vision and wish to create a lasting legacy for aquatic sports and the baylands environment.

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