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BIAC Membership

Joining is easy:

  1. Complete and sign the Membership and Liability Waiver forms.
  2. Send us payment for the appropriate fees (to Bair Island Aquatic Center).
  3. Join the BIAC_AC Google group and read this site to stay informed.

Membership and Equipment Fees (effective May 1, 2011)

  • BIAC has a variety of memberships to meet your needs. Most are $400 per year
    (for example, membership + boat usage annual fees).
  • Membership starts on May 1, and ends the following year on April 30.  
  • If you join after May 1, your annual fee is pro-rated through the end of April.

All memberships include a Volunteer Requirement (12 hours per year), which keeps our costs down and helps develop community within the club. Please note that membership is BIAC as a whole, rather than to individual programs, which may also include extra charges for coaching, race entries, and other fees specific to your program.

Rowing: Membership, Boat Usage, and Private Storage Yearly Costs

Rowing membership is $200 per year. Typically, members pay an additional $200/year either for use of BIAC boats or private boat storage, dues + boat fees to $400/year.

  • Club Membership: $200 per year
  • Use of BIAC Boats and equipment: $200 per year
  • Private 1x, 2x Shell Storage at BIAC: $200 per year
    (1x $100 if stored on top rack,and not rowed)
  • Private 4+, 4x storage: $800 per year
  • Private 8+ storage: $1000 per year 

Junior (Student) Rowers: Please visit www.NorCalCrew.org for details.

Paddling: Membership, Boat Usage, and Private Storage Yearly Costs

  • Club Membership + Paddling Boats and Equipment: $250 per year
  • High School (No Volunteer Requirement): $200 per year
  • Middle School (short season): $20 per year
  • Private 1x Paddling Boat Storage: $150 per boat/year
  • Stand-up Paddle Board Storage: $75 per board/year

Rowing or Paddling Summer Memberships (4 months, May-August)

  • Adult: $150
  • Student: $125
  • High School: $125

Single Day Use, Guest Drop-in = $10 per day
Guests: Please complete and sign the Liability Waiver form

Other Out-of-Town Short-Term Membership email for more information info@gobair.org

Introductory Memberships (3 months)

Payment is by check or credit card. Checks should be made out to the Bair Island Aquatic Center and either mailed to us or deposited into the black mailbox right inside of our main clubhouse door. To pay by credit card (VISA, MC, or DISCOVER), please contact the Treasurer at treasurer@gobair.org.

Membership starts on May 1, and ends the following year on April 30.  If you join after May 1, your annual fee will be pro-rated through the end of April.

Special groups and programs:

  • Learn to Row/Paddle events includes a 3 month membership.
  • Membership dues may be waived for active coxswains and coaches.
  • Group Affiliates: please contact your affiliate leader for more information on specific costs associated with your program. Dragon Boaters are a good group example.

Membership Forms and Information - Link to Forms

1. Signup: All members are required to complete and sign a BIAC Membership Intake Form.

2. Waiver: All members and guests are required to sign a BIAC Liability Waiver (page 2 or 3 of the Membership Intake Form) prior to any use of the Center's facilities and services. Members under 18 years of age must have their liability form signed by a legal parent or guardian.

3. BIAC_AC Group: To stay informed BIAC members must sign up for the BIAC_AC Google Group. There are also other specific interest program groups to join once your initial membership is active.

4. Storage: Members who store their shells at BIAC must pay the appropriate storage fees (see above), sign a Shell Storage Agreement, and coordinate your rack location with the YardMaster@GoBair.org or the Secretary@GoBair.org

5. Contact Info: Members must let us know of any changes in their contact information such as change of address, phone, email, or change of student status. Contact the Treasurer@gobair.org or the Secretary@gobair.org.

Volunteer Requirement

BIAC is a nonprofit, volunteer organization. Help from all members in maintaining boats and the facility is required. For an annual paid membership the volunteer requirement is 12 hours per year or $25/hour (up to $250) additional dues.

Regular work parties are scheduled throughout the year, often accompanied by a barbecue with great food, providing members with an opportunity to get to know each other while supporting BIAC.


Only paid masters Members (paddling or rowing) are eligible to vote in Board of Directors elections.

New Member Orientation

All new members are required to participate in a site orientation, which may include an equipment certification process, prior to using the facility unsupervised. Ask your program manager for a tour.

Guest Privileges

Current BIAC members may have a guest use BIAC facilities up to three times per year. All guests are required to sign a BIAC Liability Waiver prior to the use of BIAC facilities or services. Guests under 18 years of age must have their Waiver signed by their legal parent or guardian. Waivers are located at the BIAC facility or on page 2 or 3 of the Membership Intake Form.

BIAC Rules and Regulations Guidelines- Link to Rules

It is strongly advised that each member, new and current, review the BIAC Rules and Regulations. A hard copy is posted in the lobby of the BIAC facility. The Rules and Regulations go into more detail regarding the information described above.

All club members and club programs are requested to operate in compliance with these Rules and Regulations. Violations of these Rules and Regulations may result in disciplinary action by an authorized BIAC representative, defined as a board member, program leader, team captain, or coach.

Every member should also be familiar with BIAC's Safety and Care procedures to help ensure everyone's safety in our community and to help the upkeep of our special facility. The challenges of a dynamic marine environment with many programs using BIAC and the waterways deserve respect.

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