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Yahoo Groups

BIAC maintains a number of email lists of interest to members through Yahoo Groups. We encourage all club members to sign up for the all-club list. You will need to sign up for a Yahoo account to get on these lists, but you can have messages delivered to the email address of your choice.

Please visit http://groups.yahoo.com/ to sign up. Membership requests are approved by a moderator, so it may take a few hours for one of us to help you.

Current active BIAC Yahoo Groups are listed below:

  • biac_ac (the whole club)
  • biac-intermediate
  • biac-evening (evening, mixed intermediate sweeps)
  • biac_Scullers (men's and women's sculling)
  • biacnovice (novice sweep rowers)
  • huiwaa (outrigger canoeing)
  • biac-juniors
  • biac-coaches (coaches only)

GoBair eMail Addresses

There are also several email addresses attached to the GoBair.org domain name. These addresses reach the appropriate program leads. These addresses are maintained by the BIAC webmaster.

Please note that many teams also maintain their own email lists in addition to these. Contact your team leader for more information.


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