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BIAC offers a rich array of rowing programs. Members can choose between sweep rowing, where each rower in a boat has one long blade and rows on one side of the boat (port or starboard), and sculling, where each rower has two, shorter blades and rows on both sides simultaneously. Many members are involved in both kinds of rowing, and teams offer opportunities for coached practices and racing in both sweep and sculling.

BIAC offers "Learn To Row" classes. Our community of rowers train often and participate in regattas locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally in Novice, Open and Masters categories. Check out the BIAC newsletter to find out more. We also occasionally host corporate team building offsites. We annually host and run the Fall Regatta,

Sweep Rowing and Team Sculling
Most sweep rowers practice in 4 or 8 person boats with a coxswain to steer. BIAC has several sweep teams, at both Adult and Junior levels. Teams practice regularly and often engage coaches to hone their skills. Adult sweep rowers can participate in competitive and recreational programs at various skill levels and times. Teams also provide practice and racing opportunities for sculling in singles, doubles, and quads. High school students can participate in the Norcal Junior Crew housed at BIAC. (BIAC also houses the Serra High School crew.) For more info about Sweep Rowing and Team Sculling at BIAC visit our Team Program Pages.

Most scullers go out in singles, one-person boats, or doubles, two-person boats. Scullers can receive beginner instruction during scheduled sessions or can be certified to go out independently. Some certified scullers also gather together for group "mosquito fleet" sessions for camaraderie and to develop experience. For more info about Sculling at BIAC visit our Sculling Program Pages.

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