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Webcor's Rebuilding Day - Parking and Exterior

Tasks: Here is the practical list of exterior improvements for Rebuilding Day:

  1. Construct and pave the current approved Parking Lot
  2. Extend the Parking Lot to include an easement on RWC land (left grey area).
  3. Install security fencing from the North-East edge of the boathouse towards the lot.
  4. Install security lighting on the North side of the boathouse
  5. Landscape the BIAC fence perimeter along Maple St.
  6. Reclaim some ground and prevent further erosion at the storm sewer pit.
  7. Aftermath: Fix the Flap Gate on the storm drain marine exit pipe.

BIAC has a permit approved with Redwood City (RWC) to construct a Parking Lot north of the boathouse. This parking lot is a condition of our current Use Permit, which expires in October of 2007, requiring a new application. BIAC needs to be in compliance ASAP.

In addition, BIAC leaders are trying to get RWC approval to pave their property immediately to our north on Maple St before Docktown's entrance. While this extended parking is a desirable improvement for all parties, the formal approval process in RWC (finance and council) most likely cannot get done before our April 28 Rebuilding Day, though we are working with RWC Planing to fast-track this idea. RWC will need BIAC to sign a "Revocable Lease and Encroachment Permit" should RWC approve this use.

Another significant wish is to reclaim land from the north erosion pit by the proposed lot. This piece of land could be backfilled to within 1' of the 30" storm drain pipes and prevent further erosion of scarce BIAC land. Reclaiming this land would gain BIAC another 10' of usable space north of the boathouse and prevent further land deterioration.

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