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Webcor's Rebuilding Day - Boathouse Remodel

A thorough boathouse remodel is a challenging task due to our Tidal Plain location, FEMA new construction mandates, needed Utility upgrades, handicap access, fire, and planning requirements with Redwood City. Therefore a complete remodel is not be within the practical scope of this project due to the lead time of permits (etc), yet we would like to take a major stride towards improving the boathouse and preparing us for the future.

What we can get done must be maintenance related so that the scope does not merit an extensive design, structural, and permit process. There is an ultimate plan below, but for now we will limit our focus to achievable yet meaningful tasks.

Here are the final building, footing, and framing plans (click on it for a close-up).

Tasks: BIAC would like to get these done on Rebuilding Day:

  1. BIAC: Clear the boathouse of all equipment
  2. Frame over the offices and restore the upper deck for storage.
    See detailed architectural plans below!
    See structural framing and foundations here.
  3. Relocate the tool room door to the entry hallway
  4. Replace the bathroom fixtures with
    1. A pressure assisted low flow toilet
    2. A cabinet based sink
    3. Perhaps tile it
    4. Make the bathroom ADA compliant
  5. Upgrade the shower facility with:
    1. A low flow head
    2. A real curtain rod and clothing hooks
    3. Install a tile shower enclosure
    4. Make the shower ADA compliant
  6. Clean and paint the boathouse exterior
  7. Clean, insulate, and paint the boathouse interior
  8. Install new flooring in the main room
  9. Rehabilitate the boathouse electrical (inside breaker, outlets, lighting)
  10. Remove unused pipe lines (ex: compressed air)
  11. Install a pressure upgrade system to supplement the 5/8" water supply line
  12. Replace old galvanized plumbing lines with a copper fresh water system.
  13. Install security lighting on the North side of the boathouse
  14. BIAC: Restore all equipment to the boathouse

Renderings of our current boathouse maintenance plan, which replaces walls, fixtures, and restores the original mezzanine level that we inherited in 1999.

  1. Proposed first floor maintenance
  2. Proposed upper level restoration for storage

Ultimately, how would you like to have the boathouse like this?

  1. Ultimate first floor construction
  2. Ultimate second floor construction
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