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Webcor's Rebuilding Day - Boatyard

BIAC's boatyard was functional in 2006 but at capacity and beginning to wear. The old boatyard was transformed to the new layout and rack assignments with new racks and oar lockers. Below is the history of this major project.

Tasks -BIAC would like to accomplish these in the boatyard:

  1. BIAC: Order a 60'x96' Cover-All shelter (by 3/24) - not done
    Our footing details and a (1.6MB PDF) manufacturers brochure.
    Status: postponed indefinitely due to fire suppression requirements.
  2. BIAC: Clear the boatyard of shells and racks (by 4/16)
  3. BIAC: Redesign our racks and a safer shell rack layout
    The original  rack designs are here. (done - 13 new racks!)
    * Click here for an updated Singles Rack Design.
    * Click here for updated Sweep Rack Designs.
  4. Pour on-surface concrete footings for the shelter (not done, See A)
  5. BIAC: Install the shelter trusses or ribs (not done, see A)
  6. Repair the 8'x40' leaking cargo container (4/28) done
  7. Remove the compressor and log shed (done)
  8. Resurface the yard (not done - yard OK)
  9. Build new oar lockers to fit near redesigned racks (done)
    Qty: 10 Sweep lockers and 5 scull lockers
    Here's an updated sweep locker design and cutout plan.
    Here's an updated scull locker design and cutout plan.
    An idea for concrete rack footing weights is here.
  10. Remove old engine and boat parts and useless materials (done)
  11. Repair odd holes in the Sea Wall (postponed)
  12. Construct new shell racks in safer layout (done - 13 new racks)
  13. Install and shim new racks level in yard (done)
  14. Acquire four 12' Vermette 512A Lifts (two donated)
  15. Build 12 new shell slings (not done)
  16. BIAC: Install a 60'x96' open end Cover-All structure (not done, see A)
    1. Drawing of the proposed boatyard with Cover-All
    2. Drawing of a proposed interior of the Cover-All
    3. Exterior renderings of the Cover-All (note: ends will not be used).
      Many thanks to David Lee for his work here!
  17. BIAC: Restore shells and oars to Rack Assignments in the new yard layout

Equipment Reference:
Here are some facts and considerations when designing a boatyard:

  • All shells have a pin to pin width max wingspan of 5'6".
  • Eights are: 55' - 59' long and 24" - 28" at the beam weighing 200-230 lbs
    There is 53" (4'5") between seats (106-107" pin to rigger pin on an eight).
  • Fours are 42' - 45' long and 16" - 24" at the beam weighing 110-125 lbs.
  • Doubles are 35' long (max) and often 20" at the beam weighing 55-75 lbs
  • Flat water Singles are generally 24' - 27' long and 12" at the beam, 16" at the washbox, and weigh 27-35 lbs. Singles can be racked with overlapping stern/bow sections.
  • Open water singles (like Aero's) are generally 24' long, 25" at the beam, and weigh about 40 lbs rigged.
  • Racks: Singles racks are 3'9" girth post to post, Eights can be 3'5" between side-to-side posts (even less - perhaps 32" - if riggers on side to side shells are interweaved).
    The horizontal spacing between same-shell rack spars should be:
  • Racking: 5 high max unless special hand lifts (like the Vermette 512A) are used.
  • Rack spars: 2'7" long spars are vertically spaced 24" for eights - can be 21" for singles.
  • Oars: Sweep oars are 12.5' long (max), Scull oars are 9.7' long (max).
  • Oar lockers can often be designed to be 32 " wide and 18"-24" deep to fit on the two ends of a racking system between shells, provided that the racks are spaced length-wise so that all riggers on shells fit inside of the extreme end rack posts.
    • Sweep oars are 12.5' long (max)
    • Sculling oars are 9.7' long (max)

    Therefore safe oar locker heights for sweeps can be 13.5' and for sculls 10.5'.
    Here's an updated sweep locker design and cutout plan.
    Here's an updated scull locker design and cutout plan.

  • Bay walkway widths must be able to pass a shell (5.5' wide) beng carried safely. BIAC's current bays have a tight 6' walkway, but experienced designers recommend 8' or more.

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