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Webcor's Rebuilding Day - Docks

BIAC's ramp, floats, and dock fingers are unsafe and need to be replaced. Our significant investment in the temporary floating CanDocks will be preserved, as these are holding up well. The docks will remain of the same basic size and quantity, but shift slightly to make the traffic flow safer. In addition, BIAC would like to make safer use of the Haul Out structure by decking it over for use as an observation area and small equipment storage (PFD bins, paddles).

Here are the final framing plans for the Docks, Ramp, and Haul Out.

Tasks: In the current grand dock plan (yellow) BIAC could we please:

  1. Remove the north ramp, floats, and north dock fingers.
  2. Repair the chew out in the northern most metal pylon
  3. Replace the north dock fingers with ones similar to our south docks.
    A detailed framing and layout diagram is here.
  4. Nudge the north dock fingers out east using two 4'x10' spacing fingers.
  5. Replace our landing floats with two new approaches to the Candocks.
  6. Replace the 12'x24' ramp with a safer one that is 20' x 30' (framing)
  7. Create a new float in front of the Haul Out for an Aero rack (24' single shells).
    Move an existing rack down from the boat yard for safer water access.
  8. Install rolling collars on north and south dock pylons/dock ties (6)
  9. Possibly concrete fill hollow pylons for strength and longevity
  10. Rehabilitate the existing Haul Out structure
  11. Brace the wooden dock pylon to the Haul Out pylons
  12. Deck over the Haul Out Structure for safety and replace the railings
    (current HOS drawing & rehabilitated new framing)
  13. Install suitable lighting for early morning and evening safety
  14. Install a salt water pump for de-icing docks and clearing bird 'nutrients'

For completeness and transparency, here are the different dock (and yard) proposals that we have considered. The current favorite provides increased safety and well directed traffic flow to and from the water, docks, and the boatyard.

Here are some Dock and Float design documents, in use at our south docks:

Ramp travel reference data: From the Haul Out deck down to the mud at the ramp landing float is a measured 10'. Our current 24' long ramp at low tide sits at about a 30 degree angle. Therefore it rolls on the landing ramp from 25' extended at high tide to about 21.75' at low tide (3.25 feet total travel). The proposed 30' long ramp might travel 4 feet horizontally on the landing float.

If it is ever possible, BIAC would also greatly benefit from dredging 3' from the current low tide points. Our motor launches are often in the mud at low tide, requiring either patience or crews rowing unattended by a coach.

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