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Refurnishing BIAC

Now that Rebuilding Day is complete we have a long list of "Refurnishing" tasks to tackle. This list is compiled from member suggestions and prioritized below (P1-P3).

Individuals or groups can sign up to champion and sponsor any of the Refurnishing projects. To avoid conflict with another group team and to ensure project harmony with the whole plan, please send your requests to "Secretary at GoBair dot org" or "President at GoBair dot org". Thanks!

Priority 1 (immediate) tasks:

Project Who Done
Paint ramp top and bottom (MikeM) MikeM 8/2/2007
True up all racks Pma 7/29/2007
Write and publish new BIAC use policies DougK
True up and secure all oar lockers Pma, Steve 8/4/2007
Attach northern pylon to docks with collar Pma 5/13/2007
Restore office telephone and DSL lines Pma 5/13/2007
Bathroom amenities: cabinets, dispensers Claire/Betsie 5/26/2007
Cleats and bumpers on traffic side of new docks. Paddlers 5/6/2007
New office furniture (desk, shelves IKEA?) DougK 5/8/2007
Tool room workbench and shelving AdvMen 5/20/2007
Acquire 2 to 4 Vermette Lifts JeffB 12/03/2007
Hang fire extinguishers Claire/Betsie 5/12/2007
Landscaping Irrigation - How to? Pma 5/11/2007
Live-aborad ramp top safety lines Pma 5/12/2007
Pressure System Instructions Pma/Xu 5/9/2007
Restore black in-house mailbox Claire/Betsie 5/12/2007
Interior cubbies for junior duffles during practice (IKEA?) Nora 5/6/2007

Priority 2 (medium) tasks:

Shift (perfecte) single rack diagonal supports and footings Pma 7/17/2007
Weld Chuck's Pylon sleeve rings together
New shell slings (12 to 20)
New mail boxes for live-aboard tenants
Protect Office window from sling damage with railing or sash
Cover-All completion (LuisY) Luis, JeffB
Reroute/Secure Utility lines under the Haul Out Deck Pma 8/1/2007
Deeper Stereo/Cox box built-in shelves under stairs (Pma) Pma 8/22/2007
Install new Retaining Collar by Octavio's pylon Pma 6/2/2007
Join Aero dock to South dock finger with shifting joiner Pma-JJ 8/7/2007
Make Erg room entry doors swing in to Erg Room (not entry)
Remove tire embedded in mud in Launch Pen Elvis 5/12/2007
Ventilation and drain holes in Oar Lockers Pma 8/1/2007
Hang new bulletin boards and interior wall decorations Fiona, Julie 8/4/2007
Mount peg board in tool room Doss,Gary 8/1/2007
Oar Locker blade baskets Pma 8/1/2007
Plug/Caulk boathouse skin holes Pma, MA 7/21/2007
Shade on north light to block light towards Docktown residents
Aero rack shell Hoist
Build ramp base transition skirt MikeM
Tie main dock pylon (base of ramp) to Haul Out Deck from high up.
Water Pressure System cage
Replace front boat house door and lockset DougK 9/15/2007
Fix Left to Right order of Erg/Mezzanine flourescent light switches Pma 2/26/2007
Fresh water at the docks Pma 4/29/2007
New clocks - boathouse and log shed PatW 5/12/2007
Replace exit door knobs with handles for egress

Priority 3 (lowest) tasks:

Cut Tool Room wall board to enable light from cargo window Pma 12/1/2007
Install boathouse wireless Internet access Ohlson, Pma 8/5/2007
Make Toom Room door to open inwards
New BBQ for Observation Deck Maryhelen 9/7/2007
Remove old north and south pylon retainer rings from muck
Paint dockside Oar Stand Len,Carol 8/4/2007
Pull-up bars/station MikeW 9/13/2007
Top ramp oar shower
Top ramp shell shower
Water fountain bibs
Mirrors in erg room SimonV Fall 2008
Picnic tables on Haul Out Deck (Home Depot?)
Salt water pump at the docks (deicing and debirding) MikeW,DaveC Feb 2008
Stereo equipment in the erg room NorCal 5/19/2007
Investigate RWC Public Works changing our water meter from 5/8 to 1 outlet.
Cox Box test station (speaker and plug) Pma 9/14/2007
Remount Horse Mascot on top of main dock pylon Pma 5/11/2007
Install water efficient good spray shower head Pma 5/12/2007
Boathouse entry Trophy/Swag case. MarshaA 8/31/2007

For further volunteer information, please contact "Volunteer at GoBair dot org". If you have comments or contributions you may send them to "Secretary at GoBair dot org".

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