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Using BIAC: Log, Light, and stay Right

Everyone heading out onto the water at BIAC needs to observe the slogan
Log, Light, and Stay Right

1) Log

Use the Log Book in the outside Sign Out/In locker.
The order of responsibility for this is cox, coach, stroke, and crew.
Using the log book helps BIAC with our insurance costs and
to know when we need to send a launch out looking for someone.
Don't forget to lock and spin the oar lockers too!

Rowers and Paddlers alike must use the Log book, please.

2) Light

Shells and especially launches must be lit when it is dark  
bow (red/green) and stern (white).
This is a Coast Guard compliance requirement.
Cox's should not even unrack without lighting.

Being able to be seen clearly is the first step towards a safe return.
We've had some close calls lately: Reports incidents to secretary@gobair.org

Each BIAC program is responsible for its lighting equipment at this time.
Please recommend any equipment you like to secretary@biac.org
Current suggestions: chesapeakerowing.com/boatlights.html and arcnav.com
Some bike LED lights adapt well to marine use too.

If you enjoying BIAC during the day please also dress to be seen:
Wear outer layers that are bright or reflective.

3) Stay Right

Pay attention to your location and course - stay right.
People on the left side of the waterway are begging for a headon surprise.
This applies to daytime and twilight workouts.

Thank you!
The BIAC Board
(PDF Version). Also see our new www.gobair.org section on Safety and Care

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